The possibilities of a studio space. making Lemonade

DSC_9713-EditStudio Photography… not what you’re thinking though!

True Photography is art, not just pretty pictures and like art it should tell a story. The thing is, how much of a story can you tell when you’re constrained by a two hour block of time at an expensive rate that the client is paying for in addition to your scheduling fee and package rates? Constrained by weather, lighting, schedules… What if you had a magic place you could go to get rid of some of those pesky issues?

It’s an issue all photographers face and only getting worse in a declining economy. When that happens, it impacts your work whether you realize it or not because instead of thinking of your clients’ stories you’re creativity is clouded subconsciously by those restraints and your anxiety to catch those moments only to miss them because you had to rush. To miss a perfect shot because of the chaos of everything else you’re thinking about.

So, for indoor photography what’s the solution? Forming a studio co-op where you can have that space at a very affordable price. For the cost of a rental of a single location for a few hours you can have indoor space for a month. Think about it. As a photographic artist doesn’t it drive you crazy when you see something in your environment that would look so much better elsewhere but you can’t touch it? Offend your sense of creativity? Then there are those locations where you can’t bring props in so you’re really working it to get shots the client will love and it’s a lot of stress. Your clients pick up on that and the shoot just really doesn’t work the way either of you wanted.

Think about it… a co-op where there are several rooms, props, lighting choices… everything you need to bring that story to live and the time and freedom in your surroundings to make it happen. A place where you can bring in what you want, experiment, not feel rushed so you can bring the best shots in multiples for your clients. A place where dreams happens and do come true. Think of the impact on your creativity if you had a place you could do whatever you want. The result is a more creative work of art that captures your client perfectly.

We can make this co-op happen and even expand to include assistants, hair, make up artists… and do it in an extremely affordable manner that will allow you to diversify your packages and bring in more clients. Everybody wins. Think about it….

i would like to direct you to a personal favorite working studio.. see it here!  It’s my inspiration. This studio would have a life of its own. There would be a blog devoted to the people who work out of there. I already have a super writer who will blog about the work done there. My pinterest page has some ideas on it. Please feel fee to pin me more ideas about studios!  I am so hoping that this will go through,,,,,,,,.