Inn at Tabb’s creek.. a Virginia wedding.

A Virginia Inn Wedding in Mathews, Va,  how pretty could this be?   It was prettier than pretty. I was sunny and bright, and a gentle breeze blew off the water.

The gardens around the inn, are full of blooms, and the family who gathered there, we some of the nicest people ever.

This Couple, Christopher and Theresa, are no strangers to life’s ups and downs.  Their love is refreshing, in that you know that neither of them will ever take it for granted.

I was honored to be there on this day with this sweet bride and her groom and their families.

We laughed and joked, and the time flew by.

When I unloaded the camera cards, I knew that the photos were simply beautiful. They required little or no editing and are fabulous.

Chris and Theresa, Thank you for sharing your wedding day with me. I wish you both many years of happiness together.

Mathews was my dads favorite place on this planet, and it will always hold a special place in my life.

Special Thanks to two very special people who make these events so much easier. Sheila and Dennis are the best Wedding photography team ever.



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