Coming Home

There is No better day than the day a soldier gets off a plane.

My friend Michelle hired me over Christmas to do photos for her husband, Tri, a black hawk helicopter pilot.

He was gone for a year, deployed in the Mideast and flying a Black Hawk on missions in places that most of us can’t even imagine.

  In the life of a military family that year must seem much longer.

Children change so much, and army spouses remain so strong!

My heart was full when I did their family Christmas photos to send to their dad, but it was even more so yesterday when he came home. Just writing  this makes my eyeballs a little moist.

There were many families at the airport yesterday. Each and every one of them cheered for each soldier who got off the plane. Even the airport staff was excited.

A soldier’s homecoming is one of the most heartwarming things that I’ve ever had the honor to photograph. If you ever get the chance to do so, you should go for it. Bring some tissues… you will cry.

xxoo Connie.

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