Emma … Senior Photos, Class of 2018

Emma is beautiful. There is no other way to describe this young lady.  For many, many reasons, she has grown into a quiet and thoughtful young woman. She’s kind and gracious.  Emma is the daughter of Garth and Lissa. These parents have had their struggles, including severe health issues.

Emma would scoff and the fact that she and her dad have been on several talk shows speaking about their lives together. Emma’s dad is the Napkin Note dad.  He developed a serious illness when she was young, and he wrote her a note in her lunch box everyday as she grew into this wonderful creature that she is. Her mom smiles a lot.. I’m not sure how she does it.. but she does. Emma has her mother’s wonderful smile… and  her dad’s determination.

Her mom and dad have devoted their lives to giving her a normal life, even when that big C word reared it’s ugly head … they continued on.. being tough around every corner.

What I most admire about Emma, is her ability to smile, and her desire to please.  She was so easy to work with, and her photos are amazing.

Thank you Emma, and Garth, and Lissa for sharing this special moment in time with me.

If I could write you a napkin note, it would say ” live for today”.

extra xxoo’s for this gang






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