The Dance

I love photographing dancers!

Anyone who has known me for awhile knows that ballet is a secret love of mine. The beauty of the dance astounds me and literally takes my breath away.  Kristina and I met to work on this project together, right before she left for college. Her senior year had been full, and senior photo time just flew right on by.

I had such a lovely time with this young lady. We took off to Amber Grove Plantation to shoot in the early morning light.  I think the results are fabulous.  She’s a busy dancer and is now off to college to major in that thing she does.

We also grabbed some studio shots..

I really enjoyed my time with this sweet almost college girl. I know these moments fly by, and we were lucky to squeeze in this gorgeous session.  I can’t wait to see the prints.

Love them all…  and happy second week of College Kristina!!! I know there are a few people who miss you back home …

( call your mom a lot please!)
Senior Portraits Chesterfield Va
Senior Photos Chesterfield Va

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