It’s Carly.. Matoaca High Class of 2019/senior photos/chester, va.

Senior Photo day is often filled with excitement, apprehension, and a little bit of nerves. 

Carly is as Kind as she is Beautiful. She’s a graduating senior at Matoaca High here in Chesterfield, Va.  This girl has a smile with dimples that will melt your camera lens. It’s dazzling! 

After our studio session ,where we grabbed some gorgeous headshots.. we headed off into the setting sun. ( that sounds like a western movie). We wandered along the streets of Old Town Historic Petersburg.  I personally love shooting in Petersburg, and it’s lovely this time of year.

Carly’s photos are stunning.. but then so is she 🙂 


2 thoughts on “It’s Carly.. Matoaca High Class of 2019/senior photos/chester, va.

  1. Mary O says:

    Carly’s pictures are the most beautiful senior pictures I’ve ever seen! She is such a natural beauty and has the most wonderful compassionate heart ❤️. This beautiful young lady is going big places, just wait and see??

    1. Cmccormickrn says:

      Thank you so much! I loved working with this sweet young lady.


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