I’m being a slacker…

It’s true.. It’s winter, it’s dark by 4 pm.. and I’m feeling that winter slacker period just pushing me into comfy slippers, and my camera use is for taking photos of Jaxson Browne.

I have photos to share and work to do. The class of 2020 is showing up.. I have classes to teach, and people to meet. But, yes, I am slacking.

So, in my attempt at keeping good with the New Year Resolution plan, I am adding some of my favorite 2018 photos. I am terrible at maintaining my website and blogging about my work. It just doesn’t seem that important when I’m out shooting and editing and ordering prints for my clients. I know .. .I KNOW… maintaining my site keeps my work current and out there for people in google land to see. It just somehow seems that constant photography blogging isn’t a necessity to me. I love the creative side of photographing seniors and creating memories. The Marketing side…. eh, not so much.

After all that, I really have some images that I need to share.

Like this sweetie. No, she’s not a senior, but what a precious moment with this three year old. We captured and heirloom portrait that is hanging on her mother’s wall.

Print your photos folks.. they should be hanging on your wall.

and just in case you don’t know who Jaxson Browne is.. let me introduce you to the Yorkshire Terrorist #yorkshireterrorist

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