In a millisecond.

  …..everything can change.

Life happens, and as one would have it, life can change so quickly. Children grow up, we meet new people, we say good-bye to some. As we get older it seems that the good-byes happen more often.

and.. Even though we know we are of ” a certain age”.. we don’t yet feel that way. That’s why it’s always a surprise when a friend of ours is suddenly gone.

My friend recently lost his brother. It was sudden and a surprise. His brother was young. .. a hair shy of 60 i think. The news was shocking and world changing. This talented, lover of children, musician and teacher exited stage left rather quickly.

He was a well loved and a very talented guitarist who left behind, as a legacy, a world of beautifully written songs and a style of music that takes you back to places we have all been. The places of lost loves, found loves, family, and few epic love stories are woven in the music of Mark. His fingers were magical on the guitar strings. His teaching of young musicians were filled with patience and humor.

Not surprising to me , each musical creation is branded with a photo. These little quirky photos, some of them film, some digital, some professional in appearance, all immediately set the tone for the song. That’s called branding.. setting a story alive with a photo.

The photos that I love most, are the ones of this artist in different phases of his life. I imagine that his brother took a lot of these. I imagine the story behind each of the photos. I hear the music that he associated with his life and stories. I see and hear memories.

So this ramble.. is about photos and music.. and how they march along together. A photo is a captured millisecond of time on this planet… and music is what makes the world go round. ( you thought it was love didn’t you?).. Both forms of art should touch the heart, heal the soul.. and give you something to hold onto. A memory.

RIP Mark… the memories you left are strong. 

Here is the link to some beautiful renderings of more random thoughts.. Mark Fitzgerald’s music that he left for us all.  Listen to the January song, It’s my fave. 

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