Fall Senior Photos

I feel like I never have the words to tell my seniors how much they mean to me.

It’s quite the honor being chosen to be the catcher of these last days spent living at home and the memories. This last year is the most important year. Many choices are made that will impact a life for years to come. Where to start college, how to leave friends and family behind.. how to decorate that dorm room..

And for parents, how to leave your child that you’ve raised so closely to your heart somewhere in the complete care of strangers and at a college.

I’m always amazed at how independent these kiddos are. They do big things, think big things. They are smart… and they are driven.

These people make me proud watching them, but for just a small little bit of time, I get to capture these moments before they leave home… and it’s humbling. I am in awe of all of you, I hope that I get that across to each and everyone that I photograph. YOU INSPIRE ME!

Senior photos chesterfield virginia

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