Senior Photos and a Pandemic

Senior photos and Pandemic in the same sentence? wow… those are two things I never thought I would see. We take the happiest of times and combine it with unsure futures…

I believe that what these hard times teach us what is important. I believe that family, and preserving family memories are important.

My business has taken a hit from this mess.. who hasn’t taken a hit? What I continue to try to do is preserve precious memories for parents who have children who are about to leave home.

Senior photos are special, they deserve a special place where they are highlighted in your home and in your child’s life. It should be an experience that creates a special memory for them and for you. I’ve never had a person say.. ” oh wow.. wish I didn’t have those beautiful prints”.

So, in these times of uncertainty, I am still working.. and for that I am thankful. I am working with safety always on my mind…

My seniors and I remain socially distanced outside… in the studio I have taken all precautions and the cleaning doesn’t stop. We wear masks until we can safely be at a distance apart from one another.

I don’t pretend to have all the answers during these difficult times, but I promise to deliver the best results I can.

Meanwhile, we have celebrated America’s birthday..

This is Lena. She’s beautiful.