High School Senior Photography

( new work ….. because I’ve totally neglected my blog and website and have been slacking)

These are Nicole’s senior photos..

This girl totally blew me away.. We had fun! I loved everything she wore in the studio and on location, not to diminish the fact that she has a lovely photogenic face and a personality that makes you want her to be your friend. She’s a quiet girl, but she’s the one who if you are lucky enough to know her, she will be your friend for life. Nicole drove an hour and half several times with her mom so we could create her senior photo portraits, and I really can’t think of an honor bigger than that.

Since I write like I talk, you’ll just have to excuse the run on sentences.. typos.. etc.. But, this was a gorgeous setting. It’s historic downtown Petersburg.

When you are photographing in a spot that is over used.. or used frequently, be creative in the choices you make, and for all that is holy, stay off the tracks.

I digress,

a note to nicole..

you are kind .. you are beautiful.. you are what makes this world a better place.. Happy Graduation Nicole.. Now go change the world!