It’s Riley, Matoaca class of 2019/senior photos/conniegrantseniors

Matoaca class of 2019 is proud of this senior. She’s a Rockstar softball player. Riley’s seniors photos showcase all the wonderful sides of her personality.

This senior is comfortable in heels or cleats. She’s fierce in her softball and loyalty.. and  off to UVAwise.. yes .. already accepted and on her way.

Riley is the kind of girl who had no idea how beautiful she is… inside and out. She’s humble about  her stunning  looks. I think when Riley smiles, the entire place just lights up.

We took a trip out to my mother’s place, where my sweet, sweet brother had grown me a field of wildflowers….sunflowers to be exact. I thought Riley’s sunflower photos would be my favorites . .that was until we did her softball session. I thought her softball session was my favorite.. until I got to her studio photos..


Yes that softball  session left us covered in red powder from the exploding balls, and I would totally do it again tomorrow.

It’s been wonderful working with this Senior and her mom and completing this senior photo portrait package.  The prints are amazing..   I heart you Hunt Family…


xxoo C









Photographing Memories..

Yesterday was a hot one here in Virginia.. so we started early. I was completely honored to capture these images for one of my dearest childhood friends. She now lives very far away, but each time we are together it’s like we just saw each other. Last year her dad became ill. He’s doing really well and looks handsome as ever. What she has added to her crew is her first sweet granddaughter.

Babies aren’t always cooperative with the camera, but the cutest shots are them just being them.

I adore this family I’ve known since I was a teenager. I loved saving these memories for them. They are precious, and photos are special.

SO … happy July 4th Mr. Angel.  Still army strong and brave. Enjoy your photos of your girls 🙂


xx00 C

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When to book your Senior Photographer



So,  when should you book your senior photographer?

 Answer?  While you’re in your Junior year.

I guess that you may ask why?  Why would you book your senior photos in your junior year?   That’s an easy one. SENIOR YEAR IS BUSY!

If you think that any other year of school has been hectic and crazy busy then just wait until this last year of school .

There are so many things to get done before your senior leaves for college.  There are visits, and applications, and so many things to complete.

There are senior year activities that your senior doesn’t want to miss.. there are after school activities that they can’t miss ! There are grades and exams and college entrance tests..   tired yet?  Get ready, this year flies by.

So if you are finishing up your junior year,  NOW is the time.  Booking now gives you and your photographer time to establish a relationship. It gives you time to bring your photo dreams into a plan. It gives you space to develop the dream of what you want your photos to look like . It also gives you a choice of the best dates that meet your schedule.  Did you know that some of the school photos are due almost immediately when the Senior Year starts?  crrrrunch time 🙂

That thing you do..Senior Photos

That thing that sets you apart from the millions of others. I’ve often wondered where to find it.. what makes a person/photographer different from others. That thing you do.. it’s really not a secret. There is not a industry holy grail of information that isn’t meant to be shared. Photography is a learning experience, it takes a long time to develop your style and learn to trust it. My thing that I do?  Senior Photos of course .
Many photographers share their sarcasm and wit about the industry. Or, better yet, they tackle it with a slightly sarcastic attitude. I guess my question would be why? My answer and my truth is that it doesn’t belong in the industry.
We as photographers are a service, a business. It should be a business about bringing happiness to our clients. It should be a business about showcasing beautiful photos. It should be a business about teaching others how to learn to work the mysterious black box.
I found my happy spot in photography by working with teenagers. They never cease to amaze me. Senior photos are one of the most important photos that you will ever take. These kids are leaving home. These will be the last photos that will be professionally taken until the day they come home and walk down that isle to be married.
Find a photographer that you love.  For you photographers out there, find the corner of photography land that makes you happy.
And, most important of all, find a photographer that insists on printing and saving your special memories.
xxoo C._DSC3218

Welcome.. come in and linger awhile





You are Uniquely you,

You are kind,

You are intelligent,

You are the hope for a bright future.

It’s time to tell your story,

Let me show you how.


…. a studio without walls…

Connie Grant Photography

Chesterfield, Virginia

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The seconds.

A shutter clicks in partial second time. The seconds make up moments, the moments days, and the days, a life.  The most important thing a photographer does is save memories. The fact that so many of you have chosen me to save your memories, means more that words can ever express. I am so fortunate to have the people who my camera has brought into my life.

Coming Home

There is No better day than the day a soldier gets off a plane.

My friend Michelle hired me over Christmas to do photos for her husband, Tri, a black hawk helicopter pilot.

He was gone for a year, deployed in the Mideast and flying a Black Hawk on missions in places that most of us can’t even imagine.

  In the life of a military family that year must seem much longer.

Children change so much, and army spouses remain so strong!

My heart was full when I did their family Christmas photos to send to their dad, but it was even more so yesterday when he came home. Just writing  this makes my eyeballs a little moist.

There were many families at the airport yesterday. Each and every one of them cheered for each soldier who got off the plane. Even the airport staff was excited.

A soldier’s homecoming is one of the most heartwarming things that I’ve ever had the honor to photograph. If you ever get the chance to do so, you should go for it. Bring some tissues… you will cry.

xxoo Connie.

photos as art..capturing the light of a family.


It’s wonderfully refreshing to find a family that values the art of photography. I was amazed that every wall, every table, every book-case of this family’s home was crammed with photos. Photos everywhere! Canvases and prints and framed collages are the art that surrounds this couple, and their children. Every room is filled with faces and times in their lives.  I know I’m a mushy person, but it touched me. What I wouldnt give for a family photo with my dad.

In each and every one of the photos are two shining stars, their children. Their photos of their children are Photos as art.. and their home is filled with the love that they share for these two small humans. You can feel it.

Life is funny.. you meet during college, and you find that you have so many things in common… a caregiver’s heart… the love of medicine.. the love of dogs…then years later you are busy busy busy. Time goes by really fast when you are working and raising a family…..  Growing a family is hard work!   These two have done it splendidly … because I know that no matter how busy both  this mom  and dad are, the focus of their love and their life is on their daughter and son.

The reward of this devotion  is something that money can never buy, two well-adjusted, sweet kiddos. Now that’s a treasure.

Life is busy and rushed…  things happen.. Life has a way of twisting and winding itself around us, and while we aren’t looking our parents get older, we get older, and our children grow up and leave us for their own lives.

Capturing and savoring each moment is so special, and if you’ve read any of my blog posts you know my passion about photography, and keeping your memories close at heart.  I enjoyed sharing these moments caught in these photos.. i always say.. i showed up and God pushed the shutter button…at exactly the right time.DSC_3593DSC_3599-Edit-2

2015-04-17_00232015-04-17_0013DSC_3591 2015-04-17_0023 2015-04-17_0008 2015-04-17_0011 2015-04-17_0013 2015-04-17_0014 2015-04-17_0017 2015-04-17_0018 2015-04-17_0020 I was more than happy to capture spring with them. It was a quick shoot.. and the wind was CRAZY!  but, I love that they chose their street where they have raised their children, and I love that the cherry blossoms stayed for a short while with their magic canopy.  Such a magical day. Enjoy the photos…


2014 a year in review

{old town Petersburg senior photo shoot}

2014  a very good year for my photography .. and i’ve enjoyed every moment of it. I have a very special person to thank for my successful year. Kenzie! You rocked as my senior rep this year. 2014 has been amazing, and I owe it all to you.  My love of the camera has brought such special people into my life. I wanted to re-share her photos Here are a few of my favorite photos of the most adorable senior rep ever. I have chosen my class of 2016 reps, and I know that they are going to be awesome… this young lady picked them for me.



connie grant, senior portraits, kenzie (1 of 1)-13connie grant, senior portraits, kenzie (1 of 1)-35connie grant, senior portraits, kenzie (1 of 1)-20

connie grant, senior portraits, kenzie (1 of 1)-31