Senior Photos and a Pandemic

Senior photos and Pandemic in the same sentence? wow… those are two things I never thought I would see. We take the happiest of times and combine it with unsure futures…

I believe that what these hard times teach us what is important. I believe that family, and preserving family memories are important.

My business has taken a hit from this mess.. who hasn’t taken a hit? What I continue to try to do is preserve precious memories for parents who have children who are about to leave home.

Senior photos are special, they deserve a special place where they are highlighted in your home and in your child’s life. It should be an experience that creates a special memory for them and for you. I’ve never had a person say.. ” oh wow.. wish I didn’t have those beautiful prints”.

So, in these times of uncertainty, I am still working.. and for that I am thankful. I am working with safety always on my mind…

My seniors and I remain socially distanced outside… in the studio I have taken all precautions and the cleaning doesn’t stop. We wear masks until we can safely be at a distance apart from one another.

I don’t pretend to have all the answers during these difficult times, but I promise to deliver the best results I can.

Meanwhile, we have celebrated America’s birthday..

This is Lena. She’s beautiful.

Fall Senior Photos

I feel like I never have the words to tell my seniors how much they mean to me.

It’s quite the honor being chosen to be the catcher of these last days spent living at home and the memories. This last year is the most important year. Many choices are made that will impact a life for years to come. Where to start college, how to leave friends and family behind.. how to decorate that dorm room..

And for parents, how to leave your child that you’ve raised so closely to your heart somewhere in the complete care of strangers and at a college.

I’m always amazed at how independent these kiddos are. They do big things, think big things. They are smart… and they are driven.

These people make me proud watching them, but for just a small little bit of time, I get to capture these moments before they leave home… and it’s humbling. I am in awe of all of you, I hope that I get that across to each and everyone that I photograph. YOU INSPIRE ME!

Senior photos chesterfield virginia

Senior Photos Chesterfield Virginia

Senior photos should be a collection of images that immediately brings the viewer into the personality of the subject .

I so enjoyed taking these Senior photos.. We traveled out to Annie’s treasured home place in rural chesterfield to grab some early morning sunflower photos, and photos on the farm

I’m thrilled that we shot in the morning since the summer temps were 104 that afternoon.. man it’s been a hot summer.

We then followed up with her love of the violin in her stunning red dress. These printed images just arrived and they are gorgeous. Her mom cried when she saw them.. I almost did too 🙂

Violin artist

Senior Sunday

It’s that day.. Senior Sunday. The day we take off to celebrate all the good things that come our way. I’m taking just a smidge of time off to update with some of my newest work.

I’ve been watching the class of 2019 move into dorm rooms, and while i’m busy with 2020 seniors, I just feel a certain feeling… Like wow, that went by in a hurry. Time flies by, and capturing these faces is such an important milestone of memories.

To my class of 2019 .. I wish you all the best in everything you set off to do. The sky is the limit!



In a millisecond.

  …..everything can change.

Life happens, and as one would have it, life can change so quickly. Children grow up, we meet new people, we say good-bye to some. As we get older it seems that the good-byes happen more often.

and.. Even though we know we are of ” a certain age”.. we don’t yet feel that way. That’s why it’s always a surprise when a friend of ours is suddenly gone.

My friend recently lost his brother. It was sudden and a surprise. His brother was young. .. a hair shy of 60 i think. The news was shocking and world changing. This talented, lover of children, musician and teacher exited stage left rather quickly.

He was a well loved and a very talented guitarist who left behind, as a legacy, a world of beautifully written songs and a style of music that takes you back to places we have all been. The places of lost loves, found loves, family, and few epic love stories are woven in the music of Mark. His fingers were magical on the guitar strings. His teaching of young musicians were filled with patience and humor.

Not surprising to me , each musical creation is branded with a photo. These little quirky photos, some of them film, some digital, some professional in appearance, all immediately set the tone for the song. That’s called branding.. setting a story alive with a photo.

The photos that I love most, are the ones of this artist in different phases of his life. I imagine that his brother took a lot of these. I imagine the story behind each of the photos. I hear the music that he associated with his life and stories. I see and hear memories.

So this ramble.. is about photos and music.. and how they march along together. A photo is a captured millisecond of time on this planet… and music is what makes the world go round. ( you thought it was love didn’t you?).. Both forms of art should touch the heart, heal the soul.. and give you something to hold onto. A memory.

RIP Mark… the memories you left are strong. 

Here is the link to some beautiful renderings of more random thoughts.. Mark Fitzgerald’s music that he left for us all.  Listen to the January song, It’s my fave. 

The heart of the matter..


Senior Photos.

Senior photo day is always exciting, especially when you get to include someone close to your heart. Lily is a great musician and a doggie lover. Actually, let me change that.. to Lily is an ” all things” lover. She is kind and graceful, and she sings like an angel.

I could definitely be a little biased, since I’ve known this girl since she was a baby bump, but I really love her senior photos.

The one thing she asked for was that we somehow include her love of music along with her love of her special friends, Petey and Daisy. I think we crossed off those boxes..
senior photos chester va

It’s the most wonderful time of the year….Senior photo time is here… yay!

It is the most wonderful time of the year.  Senior Photo time!

The Class of 2019 will be graduating soon, and graduation announcements are coming in. Meanwhile, The class of 2020 is rolling in, pretty early this year!

Pretty Haley is an upcoming senior at Matoaca High here in Chesterfield, Va.  I really love the graceful lines of her prom gown. It was such a beautiful evening.

It’s dreamy outside right now in Virginia.. The weather has made up it’s mind to be cool in the evenings and still warm during the days.

Did I mention the flowers???  They are in bloom by the buckets this year..

I love Haley’s Senior Photos in her prom gown. Stick around.. more to come 🙂  Want to see more senior prom photos.. Check this link !


It’s prom season!

Senior portraits Senior prom

DSC_5140 copy

Senior prom

Pretty in pink. Riley in her senior prom dress !

It’s prom season in Virginia!  Dresses are twirling and there is an excitement amongst my High School Seniors. It’s their last time to be with their friends before graduation. Honestly, it’s a little bittersweet for me, because I know they will be moving on soon. Off to college to pursue their dreams, these lovely photos will become just a memory of a pretty day.  What happens though, is that these lovely photos become prints, and photography prints save memories.

I hope that Riley always remembers this wonderful day where she looked like a princess.