The seconds.

A shutter clicks in partial second time. The seconds make up moments, the moments days, and the days, a life.  The most important thing a photographer does is save memories. The fact that so many of you have chosen me to save your memories, means more that words can ever express. I am so fortunate to have the people who my camera has brought into my life.

The ” why” of senior portraiture. Ashley, class of 2018.

In a recent discussion with a friend, we spoke about why a parent would purchase or seek out a senior portrait photographer.

The senior year is a turning point in a young person’s life. This year is filled with study, and direction. That young person starts to find their way, and they realize that their life is about to change. They are on the brink of discovery, and that discovery is adulthood.

I have been so fortunate to share this experience many times over the last few years. I have watched the junior class move into Senior-dom.. and I get to witness the changes that happen throughout that year of maturing.

The Senior Portrait is a capture of your child at that moment. That moment before they leave your home.. … for good.   College days are  looming quickly, and once that young person steps out of  the door, they are forever changed.

They go from being your child, to becoming that person who is  quickly independent of you.  The nucleus of their family becomes college friends. The days of childhood have come and gone, and you suddenly realize that your child is now no longer truly yours. They belong now to the world.

The last formal portrait of your precious being should be artfully and gracefully produced. It should capture them as they are in this moment. It should be flavored with all the traits of your soon to be young adult.

I tell my clients, that this is the last professional portrait you will see until that wedding day.

I am humbled every year by the parents who choose me to capture these wonderful memories..




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Beautiful at Maymont. Richmond Virginia High School Senior photos.

Here in Richmond Virginia, we have a beautiful preserved historic park called Maymont. How lucky are we? For a nominal fee a professional photographer can shoot anywhere on the grounds for a few hours. The park is beautiful. The scenery is divine. The story surrounding the grounds is amazing. It’s hard to imagine the family who lived on these lovely grounds. Maymont

is a treasure.  Bella chose Maymont for her Senior photos. Isabella is a member of the class of 2017 at Matoaca High School here in Chesterfield County Virginia. She is smart, and kind. she loves animals. As you can see from her portraits she is also very beautiful. I have had the pleasure of photographing Bella and her entire family this spring.

I am looking forward to a busy Senior Photography Season here at Connie Grant Studios. I am already booking fall sessions. Such an exciting day is the day that senior photos are taken. The planning and consultative work that goes into the making of a photo, is probably one of my favorite things. Everyone is always a little nervous in the beginning of a session, it’s good to

get to know each other before. Bella in this blue dress is a stunning result of the planning and implementation of a perfect portrait. Thank you Maymont for your hospitality. This lovely young lady will never forget this day, and neither will I.





Richmond Virginia Senior Portraits

It’s Senior Portrait time for the Class Of 2017

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Senior Portraits Chester Virginia/pricing and all that boring stuff.

DSC_4566 DSC_6055-2 DSC_6058 DSC_5510 DSC_5673 DSC_5525 DSC_7019-2 DSC_7020 DSC_6958-Edit_pp_edited-1 DSC_6911 high school senior portraits DSC_8629_blog DSC_9430 Hi, I am a small senior portrait business,number of employees 1 ( one)  This business depends on you to keep me in business. Actually, I mainly support my addiction to photography through my portrait sessions.. Have you priced senior portraits? Your eyesballs are going to fly out of your head.. Good thing I’m a nurse, we can pop them back in.  uh.. actually I can’t do that.. but I can find some people who can.
…It is no secret how I feel about my Seniors this year. I love them.  They are bright and shiny, and giggly and fun.. and supportive of this photographer /grandma who can still do the wobble.( only-they know the truth behind the wobble) 
My senior portrait packages start less than 400.and go up. I have a friend who took her son to a local well-known photographer.. she walked out 1500 dollars lighter. … and calling me wanting to know why she didn’t hire me… Huh? She didn’t want to bother me because i was so busy…( she’s a blonde) Most of my seniors spend around 600-700 for a total print package, and enough prints to save and give for gifts. They are excited about their custom shoot, in a wonderful location. 
So , If you want a wonderful fun, customized experience.. then look me up. I’m easy to find!
Connie grant photography is located in Beautiful downtown Chester Virginia…  804 908 4516
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