Inn at Tabb’s creek.. a Virginia wedding.

A Virginia Inn Wedding in Mathews, Va,  how pretty could this be?   It was prettier than pretty. I was sunny and bright, and a gentle breeze blew off the water.

The gardens around the inn, are full of blooms, and the family who gathered there, we some of the nicest people ever.

This Couple, Christopher and Theresa, are no strangers to life’s ups and downs.  Their love is refreshing, in that you know that neither of them will ever take it for granted.

I was honored to be there on this day with this sweet bride and her groom and their families.

We laughed and joked, and the time flew by.

When I unloaded the camera cards, I knew that the photos were simply beautiful. They required little or no editing and are fabulous.

Chris and Theresa, Thank you for sharing your wedding day with me. I wish you both many years of happiness together.

Mathews was my dads favorite place on this planet, and it will always hold a special place in my life.

Special Thanks to two very special people who make these events so much easier. Sheila and Dennis are the best Wedding photography team ever.



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Richmond Virginia Senior Portraits

It’s Senior Portrait time for the Class Of 2017

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Summer Weddings

I had the pleasure of working with two wonderful photographers for this event. Wendy Murphy and Kimberly Hise.  We three hit it off. Wendy is funny and sweet and kind.. and Kim is my buddy.  Summer Weddings are HOT… they are unmerciful for photographers.. WOW.

I gotta say though.. the images are outstanding… what a pretty bride.. handsome groom and gorgeous venue. The Historic Pleasant Grove house has been completely restored. It is surrounded by beautiful fields and trees. I can just imagine having lemonade on the lawn.. and ladies in long dresses walking around.  #weddings #rvaWeddings 2015-06-14_0002 2015-06-14_0003 2015-06-14_0004 2015-06-14_0005 2015-06-14_0006 2015-06-14_0007 2015-06-14_0008 2015-06-14_0009 2015-06-14_0010 2015-06-14_0011 2015-06-14_0012 2015-06-14_0013 2015-06-14_0014 2015-06-14_0015 2015-06-14_0016 2015-06-14_0017 2015-06-14_0018 2015-06-14_0019 2015-06-14_0020 2015-06-14_0021 2015-06-14_0022 2015-06-14_0023 2015-06-14_0024 2015-06-14_0025 2015-06-14_0026 2015-06-14_0028 2015-06-14_0029 2015-06-14_0030 2015-06-14_0031 2015-06-14_0032 2015-06-14_0033 2015-06-14_0034 2015-06-14_0036 2015-06-14_0037

They call the wind Mariah. Senior Portraits/ConnieGrantPhotography

Senior Portraits, They are a sign of something good coming our way. Another, wonderfully talented, energetic, athletic young lady is getting ready to enter into adulthood and take the world by storm…  And yes.. they named the wind after her. At least that is what she told me, and I totally believe her… she IS a breath of fresh air… a light summer breeze.. and the excitement of a windy day all wrapped up in a beautiful package.

This young lady hopped out of the car at 7 am.. fully dressed and ready to rock and roll. We started our Senior portrait shoot at sunrise for a few reasons. Number one, it was calling for rain in the afternoon, Number two… it isn’t hot… Number three the light is absolutely beautiful as you will see in these photos.

When Mariah’s mom contacted me about senior photos, she told me that Mariah wasn’t shy in front of the Camera, not only is she not shy, she is beautiful in front of the camera. Not many of us as adults can pull off what she did this day.   Her portraits are amazing.  .. and her smile… OHHH my.. that smile could light a few million cities if the power goes out. Her portraits show a poised, beautiful young lady. What you don’t know is how funny she is. She is hilarious.. always laughing.. always making jokes.

You would think that life is perfect for someone who looks like this wouldn’t you?  The truth is Mariah has really had to work hard in school to get the grades that she has managed to pull off.  For a lot of students, school isn’t easy, and it can feel defeating when your friends so easily do things that you aren’t able to do without a ton of work.  Mariah is able and willing to do the  work.. and she has achieved so much. Her parents have a lot to be proud of with this one….. This is her year.. and she is ready to shine!

She will enter college in the fall, and wants to do something in health care to ” help sick people”… That’s a good start Mariah!

After spending just a few hours with her,  I felt as though I had an energy infusion of some kind.. that soon wore off and I was tired.  Did I tell you this kiddo can lift about 250 pounds at the gym? well… yup she can.

I loved my time with her, and I hope whatever she wants to be.. she will become.

All the wishes for all the success in the world coming at you Mariah!  From me to you…  I think you will make a great doctor. You go for it. Never ever let go of your dreams… reach up and grab your piece of the sky…. after all. … They named the wind after you..










Old Town Petersburg Virginia Senior Portrait shoot

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