catching the train… and other fun things

This year has been quite the year. My seniors have taken me over bridges, down rocky trails, over the river and back again.

All joking aside, it’s been a wonderful year.


On this day, Kayla, her mom, and I all ran like crazy to catch this train in the photo .  Turns out to be one of my faves of the season.

I shall just call it ” cute girl with the train” 🙂 Originality escapes me at this point …

Keep scrolling for this Gorgeous Senior’s photos.. She’s as pretty on the inside as she is on the out.





Happy Holidays.




This has been a fantastic year with my High School Seniors.

Meet Stella, Ty, and Wookie…

Three of the most beautiful people.  🙂

Happy Holidays from our house to yours…

xxoo C

Senior portrait 23831

Chesterfield Virginia Senior Portraits


Time.. It’s something that’s more valuable than gold. It’s something we rarely have enough of. It’s something that passes way to quickly.

One thing is for sure, when you measure time watching a child grow from an infant into a young adult, it does seem more precious. It also seems to fly by.

I always tell my Seniors and their parents that these are the last photos that you will have before you come home from college and get married. College photos will be a collage of Instagram and snapchat photos that will appear across social media. That’s how you will see your child for the next few years.

Not to worry, they will be home with piles of dirty laundry.

These are the last photos that will capture and save a memory.. for all time.

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Senior Moments

It’s been a crazy summer! Crazy in a great way.. I’ve been steadily doing what I love doing, saving memories.

High School Seniors are back to school today.. I know this time is so full of mixed emotions . Most parents realize that this is the last year that their kiddo is home. These days of lazy Saturday mornings are going by really quickly.  These moments fly as this important year of high school progresses. I’m so thrilled to show you the class of 2018… and I’m more than honored to have been able to capture these images of these amazing young adults. I wish you all the best with this last important year of school. DO GREAT THINGS! ( I know you will)

In the meantime, meet Lexie.. she’s as sweet as she is beautiful.



Welcome.. come in and linger awhile





You are Uniquely you,

You are kind,

You are intelligent,

You are the hope for a bright future.

It’s time to tell your story,

Let me show you how.


…. a studio without walls…

Connie Grant Photography

Chesterfield, Virginia

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The seconds.

A shutter clicks in partial second time. The seconds make up moments, the moments days, and the days, a life.  The most important thing a photographer does is save memories. The fact that so many of you have chosen me to save your memories, means more that words can ever express. I am so fortunate to have the people who my camera has brought into my life.

Emma … Senior Photos, Class of 2018

Emma is beautiful. There is no other way to describe this young lady.  For many, many reasons, she has grown into a quiet and thoughtful young woman. She’s kind and gracious.  Emma is the daughter of Garth and Lissa. These parents have had their struggles, including severe health issues.

Emma would scoff and the fact that she and her dad have been on several talk shows speaking about their lives together. Emma’s dad is the Napkin Note dad.  He developed a serious illness when she was young, and he wrote her a note in her lunch box everyday as she grew into this wonderful creature that she is. Her mom smiles a lot.. I’m not sure how she does it.. but she does. Emma has her mother’s wonderful smile… and  her dad’s determination.

Her mom and dad have devoted their lives to giving her a normal life, even when that big C word reared it’s ugly head … they continued on.. being tough around every corner.

What I most admire about Emma, is her ability to smile, and her desire to please.  She was so easy to work with, and her photos are amazing.

Thank you Emma, and Garth, and Lissa for sharing this special moment in time with me.

If I could write you a napkin note, it would say ” live for today”.

extra xxoo’s for this gang






Kaelynn Class of 2018

Senior photo day is always a special day. The clothing choices along with lighting and other key ingredients make for special, unique photography.

I adored Kaelynn’s choice for a venue.  Since I was raised by a grandmother with a farm, her choice of her grandmother’s farm was close to my heart.  There is nothing like a field of horses and a sweet summer breeze at sunset to stir a little creativity.  The results are nothing short of wonderful.

Special Thanks to Kaelynn and her Mom for trusting me with their memories.  The results?   Have a look.

xxoo C