the world needs more super heroes…


Every senior year has it’s challenges. There are ball games and proms. and end of year testing and college picks..

This year.. it’s been super special. My seniors have made so many changes, and have suffered through so many days of not knowing which way to go.

One things that will always be the same, are your senior photos. We have to capture the memories that we can, once gone they are gone forever.

So to Melanie, and all you other super heroes out there. .. Cheers to making it through this crazy year.. and cheers to new beginnings and things starting to slowly return to normal.

I’m ready for some normal.. how about you?



It’s the end of the year…2021 in photos…

Cap and gown photos always bring me the feelz. I either waffle between extreme happiness and excitement, or a feeling of melancholy that my time with my class of seniors has ended. It goes by so quickly these days..

This year has been difficult.. and that’s no joke. These seniors have been in school and out of school and virtual online school, and sometimes they were somewhere in between all these options.. I vote to stamp out Covid as quickly as possible. I know we all want that and a sense that life has returned to normal. For these seniors who sacrificed so much this year. I hope that you have a wonderful summer.

One thing is for sure, I hope that you all know you hold a special place in my heart. I am wishing you all the best in the future, and in everything that life has in store for you.

so this is 2021.. a year in review. We have climbed through trees, across rivers.. into barns.. and it’s true I’ve stuck many of you into flowers and trees.

Always remember and never forget these adventures my adventersome souls. Always remember that you are Gaw-jus, just like you are.



High School Senior Photography

( new work ….. because I’ve totally neglected my blog and website and have been slacking)

These are Nicole’s senior photos..

This girl totally blew me away.. We had fun! I loved everything she wore in the studio and on location, not to diminish the fact that she has a lovely photogenic face and a personality that makes you want her to be your friend. She’s a quiet girl, but she’s the one who if you are lucky enough to know her, she will be your friend for life. Nicole drove an hour and half several times with her mom so we could create her senior photo portraits, and I really can’t think of an honor bigger than that.

Since I write like I talk, you’ll just have to excuse the run on sentences.. typos.. etc.. But, this was a gorgeous setting. It’s historic downtown Petersburg.

When you are photographing in a spot that is over used.. or used frequently, be creative in the choices you make, and for all that is holy, stay off the tracks.

I digress,

a note to nicole..

you are kind .. you are beautiful.. you are what makes this world a better place.. Happy Graduation Nicole.. Now go change the world!



Prom season..

This year!!!   it feels so  different still..

there are no giggling girls. there are no limos.. there is no real prom. It pretty much stinks, especially when it’s your last year of school….so, we celebrated with photos…


We celebrated Abbey’s prom with gorgeous portraits in her dress… with her friend lilly.

I love working at this local church. The people there are lovely, they always open their arms to us. Abbey is off to college in a few months.  I will miss her, she’s one of my best lighting assistants ever. We have had some adventures over the last year. 

So, beautiful Abbey…  i heart you.. and your family.  You go do your thing!  I can’t wait to see her fly.

Senior Photo Studio days…

studio days.. are my favorite days.. We have time to chat and visit a little. Covid has changed that somewhat, but luckily I have huge windows in my studio that are open… even when it’s chilly out. My seniors, they don’t complain…

We wear masks until these shots are taken..

I have tweaked my lighting so much over the last years, and I’ve gotten a little more skilled at creating shadows where I want them and highlights where they are desired.

These Studio photos of Sara are gorgeous…

but then so is she.