Emma … Senior Photos, Class of 2018

Emma is beautiful. There is no other way to describe this young lady.  For many, many reasons, she has grown into a quiet and thoughtful young woman. She’s kind and gracious.  Emma is the daughter of Garth and Lissa. These parents have had their struggles, including severe health issues.

Emma would scoff and the fact that she and her dad have been on several talk shows speaking about their lives together. Emma’s dad is the Napkin Note dad.  He developed a serious illness when she was young, and he wrote her a note in her lunch box everyday as she grew into this wonderful creature that she is. Her mom smiles a lot.. I’m not sure how she does it.. but she does. Emma has her mother’s wonderful smile… and  her dad’s determination.

Her mom and dad have devoted their lives to giving her a normal life, even when that big C word reared it’s ugly head … they continued on.. being tough around every corner.

What I most admire about Emma, is her ability to smile, and her desire to please.  She was so easy to work with, and her photos are amazing.

Thank you Emma, and Garth, and Lissa for sharing this special moment in time with me.

If I could write you a napkin note, it would say ” live for today”.

extra xxoo’s for this gang






Kaelynn Class of 2018

Senior photo day is always a special day. The clothing choices along with lighting and other key ingredients make for special, unique photography.

I adored Kaelynn’s choice for a venue.  Since I was raised by a grandmother with a farm, her choice of her grandmother’s farm was close to my heart.  There is nothing like a field of horses and a sweet summer breeze at sunset to stir a little creativity.  The results are nothing short of wonderful.

Special Thanks to Kaelynn and her Mom for trusting me with their memories.  The results?   Have a look.

xxoo C

The ” why” of senior portraiture. Ashley, class of 2018.

In a recent discussion with a friend, we spoke about why a parent would purchase or seek out a senior portrait photographer.

The senior year is a turning point in a young person’s life. This year is filled with study, and direction. That young person starts to find their way, and they realize that their life is about to change. They are on the brink of discovery, and that discovery is adulthood.

I have been so fortunate to share this experience many times over the last few years. I have watched the junior class move into Senior-dom.. and I get to witness the changes that happen throughout that year of maturing.

The Senior Portrait is a capture of your child at that moment. That moment before they leave your home.. … for good.   College days are  looming quickly, and once that young person steps out of  the door, they are forever changed.

They go from being your child, to becoming that person who is  quickly independent of you.  The nucleus of their family becomes college friends. The days of childhood have come and gone, and you suddenly realize that your child is now no longer truly yours. They belong now to the world.

The last formal portrait of your precious being should be artfully and gracefully produced. It should capture them as they are in this moment. It should be flavored with all the traits of your soon to be young adult.

I tell my clients, that this is the last professional portrait you will see until that wedding day.

I am humbled every year by the parents who choose me to capture these wonderful memories..




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Coming Home

There is No better day than the day a soldier gets off a plane.

My friend Michelle hired me over Christmas to do photos for her husband, Tri, a black hawk helicopter pilot.

He was gone for a year, deployed in the Mideast and flying a Black Hawk on missions in places that most of us can’t even imagine.

  In the life of a military family that year must seem much longer.

Children change so much, and army spouses remain so strong!

My heart was full when I did their family Christmas photos to send to their dad, but it was even more so yesterday when he came home. Just writing  this makes my eyeballs a little moist.

There were many families at the airport yesterday. Each and every one of them cheered for each soldier who got off the plane. Even the airport staff was excited.

A soldier’s homecoming is one of the most heartwarming things that I’ve ever had the honor to photograph. If you ever get the chance to do so, you should go for it. Bring some tissues… you will cry.

xxoo Connie.

It’s the class of 2018


It’s always a hectic time, as one class graduates and the next lines up.

This young lady is Mallory, an upcoming senior at Thomas Dale high school.

Stay tuned for more awesomeness from this blue-eyed beauty!   But first, gotta go shoot a session!


Inn at Tabb’s creek.. a Virginia wedding.

A Virginia Inn Wedding in Mathews, Va,  how pretty could this be?   It was prettier than pretty. I was sunny and bright, and a gentle breeze blew off the water.

The gardens around the inn, are full of blooms, and the family who gathered there, we some of the nicest people ever.

This Couple, Christopher and Theresa, are no strangers to life’s ups and downs.  Their love is refreshing, in that you know that neither of them will ever take it for granted.

I was honored to be there on this day with this sweet bride and her groom and their families.

We laughed and joked, and the time flew by.

When I unloaded the camera cards, I knew that the photos were simply beautiful. They required little or no editing and are fabulous.

Chris and Theresa, Thank you for sharing your wedding day with me. I wish you both many years of happiness together.

Mathews was my dads favorite place on this planet, and it will always hold a special place in my life.

Special Thanks to two very special people who make these events so much easier. Sheila and Dennis are the best Wedding photography team ever.



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Beautiful at Maymont. Richmond Virginia High School Senior photos.

Here in Richmond Virginia, we have a beautiful preserved historic park called Maymont. How lucky are we? For a nominal fee a professional photographer can shoot anywhere on the grounds for a few hours. The park is beautiful. The scenery is divine. The story surrounding the grounds is amazing. It’s hard to imagine the family who lived on these lovely grounds. Maymont

is a treasure.  Bella chose Maymont for her Senior photos. Isabella is a member of the class of 2017 at Matoaca High School here in Chesterfield County Virginia. She is smart, and kind. she loves animals. As you can see from her portraits she is also very beautiful. I have had the pleasure of photographing Bella and her entire family this spring.

I am looking forward to a busy Senior Photography Season here at Connie Grant Studios. I am already booking fall sessions. Such an exciting day is the day that senior photos are taken. The planning and consultative work that goes into the making of a photo, is probably one of my favorite things. Everyone is always a little nervous in the beginning of a session, it’s good to

get to know each other before. Bella in this blue dress is a stunning result of the planning and implementation of a perfect portrait. Thank you Maymont for your hospitality. This lovely young lady will never forget this day, and neither will I.





Saving Memories

When you meet your soul mate you know it.

Olivia and Nate.  A love story that has spanned the world and back again.

I can’t tell you how inspirational it is to me that these two joined together a blended family and have made it work.

The children are all sweet .. well behaved.. Some are on the brink of becoming adults.

This couple has seen good times, and trying times. Their youngest was born while Nate was deployed in the mid east.

They have been separated numerous times, the trials of a military family!

I honor our military families, every last member. From the youngest to the oldest child.. to the parents who watch their adult children go off over seas,

To a mom waiting to deliver and share the news with her husband while he is thousands of miles away.

Have a Safe and Happy Memorial day ..


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