Family and Children.. the photos that keep on giving…

Family and Family Event photography. Whether it’s the birth of a child, the graduation of a senior from high school, the remembering  of a special birthday, Family Photography is one of the most important gifts that you  can give anyone in your family. When you think about the costs involved in custom photography, first think about the time it took the photographer to get to where they could create your images, then think about the artistic value of what your images look like, are they worthy to be hung with pride on your walls? Lastly, think about the emotion that the photo evokes. Is it something that you look back on and it makes you Smile???

Family photography should do all of those things. It is the art of saving memories, and your choice of photographer should reflect your style. Family Photography, Custom designed with you in mind, is my specialty. From the time that you knew he or she was coming into your life…. From the first time she wrapped her fingers around your hand…. From that very first special dance…. You knew that those precious moments were fleeting:) Would you capture them in any other way?













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