When to book your Senior Photographer



So,  when should you book your senior photographer?

 Answer?  While you’re in your Junior year.

I guess that you may ask why?  Why would you book your senior photos in your junior year?   That’s an easy one. SENIOR YEAR IS BUSY!

If you think that any other year of school has been hectic and crazy busy then just wait until this last year of school .

There are so many things to get done before your senior leaves for college.  There are visits, and applications, and so many things to complete.

There are senior year activities that your senior doesn’t want to miss.. there are after school activities that they can’t miss ! There are grades and exams and college entrance tests..   tired yet?  Get ready, this year flies by.

So if you are finishing up your junior year,  NOW is the time.  Booking now gives you and your photographer time to establish a relationship. It gives you time to bring your photo dreams into a plan. It gives you space to develop the dream of what you want your photos to look like . It also gives you a choice of the best dates that meet your schedule.  Did you know that some of the school photos are due almost immediately when the Senior Year starts?  crrrrunch time 🙂

May the force be with you.. Google, Seo… and all things boring.

So .. I’ve had about 8 photographers call me over the last few weeks asking me how I got my blog to page one on google.  You know what? I don’t know.  I do have a few secrets.. and I’ll be glad to MENTOR you..

Photographers are very competitive, and rightly so. I really just want to ease into retirement giving people something of good quality for their money. … and saving their memories..

It’s not a race to the top for me.. I don’t want to jump on the Jasmine wedding train.  I just want to take photos. .. and take photos I do.  I shoot all the time. So when I’m not shooting people .. I’m shooting blue water towers in Baltimore..

Or the beach.. or my grandchildren. I want to compete with ME… and the person I was yesterday. I am the Only person that i want to be better than..

I do love Senior and Family Portraits though.  Maybe I should teach a class on SEO..   grandma style….

first you put this in your blog…

then you do this…

then you paste this here

then you attach this to that…

and then… you hope and pray your site shows up..

What .. its not a senior or family portrait

What .. its not a senior or family portrait