The beauty of the dance #richmondballet

The absolutely beautiful art of dance. I love it. I have always loved it. I don’t know what it is that attracts me.. but girls in pink shoes and fluffy dresses who spin effortlessly around are the most amazing things.

Elena dances for the first company of… She’s as sweet as she is graceful and pretty. Her passion in life is training children and introducing them to the world of classical ballet.

I think that creative people have the same loves.. The love of art, the love of music, the love of creative dance.  As a child,  I had the most wonderful ballet teacher.  As we left the studio we Curtsied and shook her hand. We learned manners and praise was handed out freely.

The Dance studio was one of my most loved childhood memories.

My studio is now one filled with lights and cameras, and sometimes  Tchaikovsky.

Thank you Elena for spending the afternoon with me. I look forward to seeing your performances. This girl can fly!

xxoo C