Senior Portrait Packages.

The Senior Experience

  This package is shot in studio and, if weather allows, a few shots around the grounds here at the studio.  This one hour session will include a drape for your high school yearbook.

( please bring the info from your school)

 This package is made from 10 fully edited images.  After all a photo is a memory, and memories are best saved in a gorgeous professional print.

Balance is due at on your studio date time.

Prints included in this collection include

One 11×14

Two 8×10’s

Eight 5×7’s

32 beefy wallet sized prints

525.00 plus tax

Seasonal availability for this package may change.

 Extra print pricing for any Collection.
16×20 110.00
11×14 75.00
8×10 57.00
5×7  group of three 45.00
4×5‘s Groups of 30 65.00
Extra wallets 18.00 per sheet

digital files 40.00

group of 10 300.00

                   extra venue 250.00

                   extra time   100.00 /hour

The Ultimate Collection


Ultimate all inclusive package for capturing memories. Packed with Prints…  enough to keep, enough to give.

An outdoor session that will capture your heart. Outdoor photos at venues such as  Tredegar Street, the Canal walks of Richmond or any of the locations listed above.

As many outfit changes as you want during this two hour outdoor photo session.

 This lovely collection includes a 45 minute  studio session that includes your formal drape for the yearbook.

This package is made from 15  different poses.

Prints are memories, and with this package there are enough to give and to save.

Two 11×14’s

Six 8×10’s

Eight 5×7’s

Thirty 4×5’s

Sixty four wallets

1095.00 plus state sales tax

  You will be provided with the digital file to send to your school for the yearbook

The Exquisite

Prints and Digital Files

The exquisite collection includes all of the prints and locations  listed in the Ultimate collection,

This collection is created from 25 of your beautiful images.

Included in this collection,

Four 11×14’s
Six 8×10’s
Eight 5×7’s
Thirty 4×5’s
Sixty four wallets

 16×20 mounted and textured portrait.

Twenty five fully edited digital images.

The digital images from this package are fully, artistically edited and are yours to keep.

The exquisite collection  includes two hours of shooting time at very special locations around Richmond. The James River rocks, Libby Hill, and places beyond.

 The collection also includes a studio session where we will capture your best look for the yearbook, as well as several custom head shots in different attire. Plan on an hour to an hour and a half in the studio.  Sound like fun?  It is!

1595.00 plus tax

More than one location?  Add on another session?


Senior Drape or  Professional Headshot session

Your yearbook photo should be as wonderful as you. A formal drape session, and some really cute, cool headshots in the studio.  Products are purchased through an online album.

 This does include one completely edited  digital file for your school or business  as well as the editing and set up of your online album where your beautiful prints may be purchased.

250.00 plus state sales tax

( during my busiest senior photo months this will be available as time allows)