Summer Weddings at Amber Grove… magical.

Amber Grove is absolutely beautiful. It has been a few years since I was last there.  The Inn has been transformed into a beautiful wedding venue. All of the grounds were blooming with perennials .. a summer breeze kept us from roasting, and the shade of the big huge trees was a welcomed thing. July weddings are HOT..  there is no way around it in Richmond .

I recently completed a wedding album for a bride and groom. There’s always a feeling of anticipation as I wait for their reaction to their album. It’s a wonderful feeling when you see a tear shed in happiness..

My wedding go to team consists of two unusual picks for wedding seconds. I have two friends who are real estate photographers! I use them because their shots are spot on accurate. … with a precision and snap that I love in my photos. Dennis and Sheila helped make this day come alive.  I was a day past a painful procedure when we brought this wonderful wedding album into the world, I needed their help and they stepped up to the plate effortlessly.

 The bride and groom, Kyle and Ellen and their parents are all special people. They are nurses and teachers.. They are givers.. and care takers.  Not only did we feel welcomed, we felt that we were part of the celebration. Such sweet families.. 🙂 And.. I have to say the photos are beautiful.

 This wedding was held at a catholic church. The traditions were lovely and honestly, not being catholic, it was magical in many ways to me. Father Don with his beautiful robe.. and the church.. Oh my.. . ( insert a big sigh here).

The reception was lovely. I enjoyed watching this family having a great time. People traveled from Hong Kong and places beyond to be at this event.

So I hope that you enjoy this Richmond Virginia wedding at the Amber Grove inn.   Check them out here!

























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